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It's Time you had the Resources, Support, Solutions & Community, Every Special Needs Parent deserves...

Without Adding Stress Or Losing Your Own Identity In The Process!

If you want stop the endless cycle of frustration & confusion so you can give your child with special needs the best life possible, then keep reading because this will be the most exciting letter you read…See most people who have a child with special needs suffer from an overwhelming amount of unclear and down right confusing information.This leads them to waste countless hours and dollars sorting through options and trying different things, only to end up having taken one tiny step forward and three giant steps back. Ultimately feeling: *Lost*Frustrated*Alone*Angry*And like a total failure as a parent! But your life doesn't have to be this way! Keep reading because you’re about to discover the exact steps to take that will cut through all the confusion and conflicting advice and get you and your child on the RIGHT path, right NOW!   And you need to realize, there is a cost to not dealing with this…

If You Ignore It, It Just Gets Worse

What most people try when they first suspect their child of having special needs is quite literally everything…

  • ​  You take them to a Dr. or many Dr’s trying to get a diagnosis
  • ​ Your Dr. prescribes medications, therapies or both
  • ​ You research different medications and therapies
  • ​ You try this medication or that therapy 
  • ​ Friends and family all have different opinions of what you should do

But for most people, none of that works...

  • ​After seeing multiple Dr.s and specialists, you’re left with more questions than answers
  • ​  Even after all your research, you don’t know which medication is really right for your child
  • ​ For every one step your child takes forward they also take three steps backward
  • ​ Your friends and family don’t really understand what you’re going through and you start to feel even more lost, overwhelmed and confused
  • ​ Bills are pilling up
  • ​ Your child is getting worse
  • ​ You start to compare your child to other children and only fall deeper into depression  
  • ​ And worst of all, because you don't know what services and therapies are available to you and your child, you don't get them!

     And what happens if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing?Not only do you end up living a stressful and unhappy life, you take away the possibility of a limitless future for your child!  

Let me tell you my story...

Within 68 hours of our daughter being born, we found out she had an in-utero stroke. After a battery of tests including blood work, a CT, EEG, MRI, etc. she was diagnosed with seizures and Cerebral Palsy and we were given a very poor prognosis of the life she would likely live.

As first time parents we didn’t even know how to care for a baby yet, let alone one with special needs! Between all the tests, Dr.s Nurses, hospital social workers, etc. we were confused, overwhelmed and lost. I kept thinking... Why Me?Why Us?Why My Child?And worst of all... Was This My Fault? I had followed all the pregnancy rules to a T but still something happened to my baby girl while she was inside me!  All I wanted to do was take my new baby home and be a great mom to her, but we weren’t even allowed to leave the hospital yet. During our 11 days in the NICU we had countless confusing conversations with Dr.s and social workers, received mountains of paperwork, and had to deal with a whole host of family and friends questions that we honestly didn’t know how to answer. 

Once we were home, things only got worse. With my husband working like crazy to try and make up for the overwhelming amount of unexpected bills, the weight of the world and my daughters future was on my shoulders.Everyone around me was telling me how great of a mom I was but I felt like a total failure.I used to suffer from survival mode. I would go from this appointment to that appointment, read multiple confusing articles online, pick up some new medication and hope it worked this time without terrible side effects , cut myself off from friends and family because they just didn't get it, and just try to survive today so I could wake up and do it all over again tomorrow….I was flat out EXHAUSTED! Emotionally, physically and mentally drained. I knew I couldn’t keep going on like this. It wasn’t good for me and just surviving was doing NOTHING to help my child! 

And then I discovered the Mommy Empowerment Method that actually works and created Stronger Mommy University.Here’s the story:I started taking care of myself (not as easy as it sounds by the way) which allowed me to better care for my daughter.With more energy and happiness in my life, I was able to get control of our bills and even with my husband and I having good jobs, we were still able to start getting almost everything my daughter needed, covered at no cost to us.I got my family and friends on board and even began to connect with other moms who really understood what I was going through because they were in the same boat! The Dr.s started to take my concerns seriously and soon I felt like the confident, capable parent everyone kept telling me I was.I got respite care to help me at home since my husband traveled a lot for work and I even tackled the school system with ease as my daughter got old enough to start pre-school.

Just look at some of these results…

Here’s what it did for me… Our daughter has come leaps and bounds forward from that horrible prognosis we were given at birth. From not walking until she was 2.5 years old to now running, jumping and playing with the other kids her age at just under 5. She went from being developmentally behind to excelling past some of her nuro-typical peers.And best of all, any new challenge that comes up, I’m now able to tackle with grace, poise and effectiveness.

And it’s not just me...

Megan Says ~

I just wanted to say thanks for the videos. Both of my kids are on the autism spectrum, but my daughter has different challenges and potty training has been one of them. The videos were very helpful and encouraging. Thanks for posting these videos at a time when I needed the extra support. I've been feeling stressed about it, but now I am feeling more prepared.

Robyn Says ~

I believe everyone with a special needs child could use the support and knowledge you are so willing to share.

Heather Says ~

This program should be given to all special needs parents when they are given their child's diagnosis. It would be great to have something to ease all of those emotions that come with diagnosis..

Amy Says ~

Finally someone who gets it! I was desperate for support & the info you've provided me has been a huge help!

Susan Says ~

This is exactly what I needed! Just help with balancing all of it. Doctors, therapists, resources, services, support, & financial stress..

The Mommy Empowerment Method changed my life and more importantly, my daughters life! Now I want to share it with you!

Your child's limitless life Starts Now!

 And here’s a glimpse of what’s inside...

  • ​Have all the tools you need to take care of yourself and get your happy back
  • ​ Get your finances under control
  • ​ Know what Dr.s to see and Therapies to get (and HOW to get them)
  • ​ Connect with a community of other moms who actually get what you’re going through as well a know how to better communicate with existing friends and family to get them on your side
  • ​ Understand school resources, schooling options, and in school therapy
  • ​ Tackle Dr and Therapy appointments like a pro and learn how to get in home respite help
  • ​ Overcome existing behavior issues and stop new ones before they get out of hand

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You’d probably agree that to start quickly getting:

  • ​Services
  • ​Community
  • ​ Self Care & Happiness
  • ​ Support
  • ​ Resources 
  • ​ Solutions

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I’m so confident you will LOVE The Mommy Empowerment Method & Stronger Mommy University that if you aren’t 100% satisfied in the first 10 days, simply send an email to and you will get every penny back. No hassle, no questions! After 10 days you can cancel at anytime and will never be billed again. No contracts, no nonsense, no obligations. You’d probably agree that your child’s life and your happiness is well worth trying out The Mommy Empowerment Method & Stronger Mommy University for $19 $9. You both deserve the ultimate chance for success. Simply click below to try The Mommy Empowerment Method & Stronger Mommy University 100% risk free

You can continue down the path you are on, alone, knowing that you are just SURVIVING but not really LOVING your life and watching yourchild suffer...OrYou can click the button below and start living a life full of happiness. A life where the future for your child is truly limitless! I know you’ll make the right choice!

We're Stronger Mommies Together,Chantelle Turner

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